Our business center has decided to sponsor the scientists of Institut Pasteur in their search for a vaccine against COVID-19.

POP supports Institut Pasteur

In reaction to the COVID-19 crisis, POP and its mother company the group LA FRANCE CONTINUE (www.lafrancecontinue.com) have decided to contribute to the scientific research looking for a solution against the coronavirus.

POP mobilizes for medical research


As of April 6 2020 LA FRANCE CONTINUE made a substantial donation to the Institut Pasteur to support researchers who work tirelessly to understand this new virus, give the public and the medical community reliable information and, of course, find a vaccine capable of protecting the entire population.

If you too would like to help the Institut Pasteur, follow the link : https://www.pasteur.fr/fr.

You can also help the nursing staff on the Fondation de France website : https://dons.fondationdefrance.org/solidarite-avec-les-soignants-et-les-plus-fragiles/~mon-don?_cv=1

Supportive gestures for our ordinary heroes

The group’s solidarity is also expressed through small gestures, which are so precious for all the people who work during this period of confinement : cleaning staff, maintenance staff, craftsmen, construction companies.

Thus, our teams have mobilized to find and acquire in large quantities the equipment that has become so essential now (hydroalcoholic solution, gel dispenser, protective masks, gloves, etc.). This equipment has been distributed to all of the company's service providers to enable them to equip their staff.

Art at the service of medical staff

Finally, we would like to salute this group of artists from Lille, who offers you, through a limited edition art book "Coron [ART] virus" composed only of original works to support the medical staff and the Pasteur Institute of Lille.

Learn more about their projet on : https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/coron-art-virus-quand-l-art-soutient-la-recherche-et-le-chu-de-lille

piece of art courtesy of GRAFFMATT (for more information : https://www.graffmatt.com/).

As we say in French : "Merci"

And of course a big thank you to everyone who keeps everyone running our country during these difficult times.

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