Our LFC – POP Business Centers have once again embarked on a 100% feminine adventure, alongside Sarah and Vanessa – Team 134, who proudly carried our colors across the Moroccan desert, taking part in the legendary Aïcha Rally of the Gazelles - Edition 2023.

The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles of Maroc is a human and solidarity adventure, which has brought together women of all ages and nationalities since 1990. It is the only 100% female Rally Raid in the world to be certified by the ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard. .

These women, known as "the Gazelles", take up the challenge of old-fashioned navigation in the most beautiful landscapes of southern Morocco composed of immense rocky plateaus, steep mountains, ergs (sea of ​​dunes), regs (stone desert), oasis...

Particularly sporty and difficult due to an immersion in the heart of the desert, capes of more than 30 km to hold and heat records, this orientation challenge puts all the crews to the test.

During 9 days of navigation on 1400 km of marked routes, with 6 stages including 2 marathons (2 days without returning to the bivouac with night under the stars), the Gazelles had to, without any means of electronic communication, only maps and compasses, analyze geographical coordinates and understand the difficulties of the terrain in order to choose the shortest route possible and thus cover a minimum of kilometres.

They are free to go around the mountain or to cross it, to go through the dunes or to avoid them. Only the crew determines its route and its strategy, the important thing is to stay the course!

From Tangier to Essaouira, the Gazelles lived an adventure in magical and breathtaking landscapes cultivating courage, self-transcendence and mutual aid.

Despite significant mechanical hazards on the penultimate day, Sarah and Vanessa will remember this adventure for a long time and will forever keep the "Gazelle spirit".



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