Moving your business is not something you should improvise! So that your office move impacts your clients and your partners’ work as little as possible, take heed of our team’s wise words.

Key steps to making your business’s office move a success


Communicate with your employees

Made the decision to find premises that are a better fit for your business and its needs? It is important to communicate with your employees so that you can help them prepare for this transition. Nobody can be taken by surprise; they need time to get ready for the office move.


Find the perfect new offices

Now, the goal is to find the best offices for your business, whether you need more space, a better layout, cheaper rent or a more strategic location to be closer to your clients or suppliers.

To do this, don’t hesitate to make the most of your professional network and those around you, browse property rental websites and request the services of a specialist agency.


Recycle your professional furniture

Here at the POP business center, we are passionate about modern ethical considerations, such as sustainable development. When you leave your old office, make sure you think about what to do with the office furniture and accessories you have accumulated. Sell them second hand, reuse them, upcycle them, treat them... There are so many ways in which you can make your office move environmentally friendly.


Plan the move carefully

Found your business’s new home? Once you have signed the contract, you need to plan the office move itself. To do so, you need to schedule a specific move date. Make sure you leave enough time for each department to be able to get organized and adapt to this change.


Choose the right office furniture

An office move is the perfect opportunity to get rid of obsolete furniture, damaged desks or folders your business no longer needs.

When you move your business, you can buy more suitable desks, more ergonomic chairs and more practical storage solutions. Make sure you choose your new furniture in accordance with your needs and the layout of the new premises.

The transition will be much easier if your team arrives to work at a new, more pleasant, better organized work environment.


Advertise your change of address

If your clients often visit your premises, don’t forget to warn them that you are moving well in advance. Add a note to your email signature, put up a notice on the door to your current office, and share the information on your website and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc.).

When the office move is complete, make sure you notify the French administration and all your clients and suppliers.


Transfer your telephone line and internet

A telephone connection and internet access are essential for any business. The transfer can often be a cause of stress, so make sure it is sorted so that your team’s productivity is not affected. Any interruption should ideally last no longer than a day.


Looking for a temporary or long-term office? Choose POP


Despite all your organizing and your detailed schedule of the different steps to follow, mishaps can still throw a wrench into the works sometimes. If you are looking for a tempory or longer-term office to rent in Paris before entering your new premises, contact our POP business center, located in the 8th arrondissement.


We offer flexible rental contracts, even for short-term needs. When you book your work space at the POP business center, you will be able to invite your clients to your premium office, make the most of one of the few terraces in the Golden Triangle, and enjoy our fully-equipped spaces (office equipment and electrical paraphernalia).


Don’t hesitate to contact our team to find out more about our available offices.


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