Decryption for the application of the Covid pass in a company / for a professional event: if the Covid pass in the company is not compulsory (except for staff in contact with the public), it is on the other hand for many organized events outside the company.


Covid pass in company: what do you need to know?


Between the various political and journalistic announcements and the many published, modified and amended decrees circulating, it is difficult to navigate. POP has provided you with an update on the various measures applicable to the professional world.


Companies whose staff are subject to the Covid pass


The reference text is decree n ° 2021-699 which can be consulted on the following LEGIFRANCE link:

https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/loda/id/JORFTEXT000043575238/. Only this legal text is authentic.

It emerges as follows: the Covid pass is required for all staff in contact with the public, that is to say more particularly companies in the tourism, catering, transport, events as well as health.

Thus, in our business center, all of our reception and technical teams are vaccinated.

Professional events subject to the Covid pass


Article 47-1 of Decree No. 2021-699 specifies the places and events subject to the Covid pass.

In the traditional professional context, only meetings of more than 50 people held outside the establishment of the company as well as fairs and exhibitions are currently subject to the Covid pass.

Be careful, however, because if the activity you want to organize for your teams is cultural, sporting, fun or festive, then this meeting will be considered in the category of leisure activities and the Covid pass will be required regardless of the number of participants, including in meeting rooms, conference rooms or outdoor tents.

Organization of your meetings in the POP business center


At POP, our meeting rooms are on a human scale (videoconference room for 10 people and conference room for 24 people) and our activity is geared exclusively to the attention of business customers, so that we are not concerned by the Covid pass.

But in order to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and to allow you to organize your meeting in complete safety, know that POP offers you, if you wish, to check the compliance of the Covid passes of your guests thanks to the identification system that we downloaded: at the entrance to the space, the center manager scans, via the government application Tous Anti Covid Verif, this pass. It can be either in paper version or directly on the application. The words "valid" must appear along with the first names, surnames and dates of birth.

This verification does not allow you to access or store your medical data.

If you do not have a Covid pass, our business center provides antigenic self-tests and to motivate you to do so, we provide a candy shop, nothing better than a candy after the effort;)

Covid pass for POP offices


At POP we have 14 private offices, these offices on a human scale allow us not to have to control our customers.

Wearing a mask remains in all cases compulsory for participants in the room as well as in the common areas.

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