Put your customer at the center of your presentation


A commercial presentation can be difficult. The first minutes of your business speech are critical to capture your client’s or prospect’s attention. Introduce yourself but don’t focus only on your company.
Your objective is to prove to your interlocutor that you have understood his needs. During your intervention, show him interest. Recap the list of the technical problems he is confronted with and explain the solutions you can offer. Insist on your advantages and your strengths over your competitors.


Adopt a personalized speech

Before the meeting, you have to get prepared to this professional appointment. You must know perfectly your customer and his company.
Then, during the meeting, adapt your communication to his budget, sector and values.


Anticipate your customers’ questions

Rehearse your presentation and prepare a list of questions your prospect might ask you. Therefore, it will be easier for you to find strong arguments to convince him during the meeting.
Feel free to ask your colleagues to help you to get prepared. Together, you can identify the important points that you haven’t thought of and you will find ways to improve your business presentation.


Prepare your client presentation in Paris


Involve your audience with a dynamic presentation

If you talk too slow or if you’re not comfortable with your presentation, your customer could get bored since the very first seconds of your speech.
You need to speak clearly and loudly and you have to be enthusiastic about your message.

Finally, don’t forget that 70% of communication is body language. Show your audience they can have confidence in what you're saying by commanding the space around you.


Create attractive visual slides

Visual slides with Powerpoint will help you push your message. It will have a positive impact on your audience. You can also use free options like Google Slides, Prezi...
Be careful, Powerpoint slides should augment your message, not reiterate it.
The goal is to strike a balance between what you say and what you show.


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Book the perfect conference room for your meetings

The conference room is a critical key to a successful meeting. Choosing the right meeting room can make all the difference if you want to impress your clients.

Book the perfect meeting room at our business center POP, in the heart of Paris’s 8th arrondissement. Every meeting room have secure Wi-Fi and all the equipment you need for your business meetings. Besides, they all are equipped with a mini bar and Nespresso machine.


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