The COVID-19 epidemic has moved us all.

We entered into a crisis overnight : health crisis, economic crisis, moral crisis too.

Each crisis must be beneficial, each crisis must allow us to question ourselves, in order to improve ourselves.

In these particular circumstances, the POP teams have therefore thought of new procedures to make each workspace safer and also include this approach in the long term in order to draw lessons - at our modest level - from this pandemic.

Our urgency procedures

Following the principle that each client should have the choice to safely choose between working at his desk or at home , we have decided to apply a precautionary principle by implementing the following operations :

  • disinfection of all common parts of the building (virucidal standard EN 14776)
  • disinfection of each private office (spraying a disinfectant on all surfaces then wet wiping with disposable wipes)
  • ventilation for one hour of each private office

Our answers to containment: logistical support and solidarity

To allow our customers - who are entrepreneurs - to maintain their activity during the containment period while protecting our teams, we have reorganized our work and implemented :

  • a physical presence of the manager of the business center each morning (in particular to manage mail, scans and help our clients avoiding travelling to the office)
  • a presence by phone and email every afternoon
  • maintenance of the premises outside the hours of presence of our customers, in order to avoid any unnecessary contact (staggered schedule, work on weekends)

Specific displays have also been put in place in all of the common areas (learning how to take the elevator without taking risks is something you can't improvise!)

Last but not least, POP contacted each office client individually to offer them financial support (but hush, clients in other business centers would be jealous), while maintaining direct and indirect jobs at 100%.

And of'course, POP has refund all meeting rooms advanced bookings. 

Our answer for the future

Our business center has been equipped with reusable hydroalcoholic solution bottles (it's better for the environment), produced by Mr. Fabien Bruno of Pharmacie Delpech, whom we warmly welcome and thank. Discover his wonderful initiative here : TF1 interview of Fabien Bruno

We are also equipping our premises with individual cleaning equipment, which we will make available to each of our customers to enable them to clean their personal office equipment (to be discovered in a future blog) and plan to renew the disinfection of premises at least once a year, in addition to daily cleaning.

Other lines of thoughts are underway, in particular to permanently reduce the environmental impact of our offices and meeting rooms, but again, this will be the subject of another blog.

Deep appreciation and gratitude for all the workers at the frontlines of this pandemicl staff

Finally, let us show our gratitude and our appreciation to all our caregivers and to all the people that help the population in these trouble times.

We thank them for their dedication and courage.

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