At POP we produce honey in our ecofriendly garden located in the heart of the Parisian business district, thanks to two beehives that welcome thousands of bees.

Le miel de notre centre d’affaires parisien

POP new record : 66 Kg of honey collected this year !


Bees that have worked well, wonderful weather : the 2020 season is exceptional at POP since the very good harvest stands at 66 kg of honey this year, compared to 40 kg harvested in our garden in 2019 and 35 kg in 2017 and 2018.

These quantities, carried out with only two hives, show that it is quite possible to welcome bees in the city in good conditions, even when the garden in question is located in a district as dense and dynamic as Champs Elysées district.

Our bees do well in Pop's garden cheeky.

How to explain such a bountiful harvest ?


Lockdown would have little to do with the amount of honey expected. Of course the bees have surely appreciated the drop in pollution, like us, but the particularity of this season is mainly the early weather.

2020 is once again indicative of climate change : we hardly had a winter, as well as a lot of humidity in the first quarter. Consequently, the vegetation started very early in the season, which allowed an exceptional development of the bee colonies.

However, this record season should not hide the fact that the industry is in great difficulty and that bees are endangered.

Indeed, the production of honey in France has been divided by two in 20 years, and 2019 had been a particularly catastrophic year everywhere in France (less than 10,000 tons produced against 15,000 tons in 2018).

POP beekeepers


Under these conditions, we are very grateful to our beekeepers, the Natura Bee team, who work across town to recreate environments that allow bees to find a place in the city and thrive there.

Thanks to their know-how and their dedication, bees find a little territory to pollinate and thus render a great service to our entire ecosystem: pollination allows the development of vegetation, itself a source of food for all living beings.


Visit Natura bee website : http://www.naturabee.com/

We will inform you shortly of the analysis results of POP 2020 honey (texture, smell, flavor).

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