This year again, the honey harvest from the Parisian garden of POP is exceptional, despite a 2020-2021 beekeeping season recognized as an agricultural calamity by beekeepers. What are the secrets of POP honey and its garden, which is located in the heart of the Paris business district?

79 kg of honey collected this year, our best season since 2013

It seems that this is the worst year for French beekeeping for 10 years.

And yet, at POP, never has a harvest been so flourishing, to believe that our bees like it as much as our customers smiley

The year 2021 is our best harvest year since the installation of our 2 hives in 2013, despite the very unfavorable conditions with a late spring.

How to explain such an exceptional 2021 beekeeping harvest?


Difficult to say because nature has its mysteries ... But between the combination of the interesting flowering of the landscaped garden of POP, bees that can flourish serenely in a calm and bucolic environment, a few days of good weather and work from our beekeeper, 79 kilos of POP honey were potted!

Each of our customers will be able to take advantage of this as they will receive a jar of our honey during the year-end holiday season.



Honey POP: fragrance 2021


When it comes to the scent and taste qualities of our honey, we can expect something quite similar in 2020, namely:

  • Liquid texture.

  • Flavors: Floral, minty and exotic, strong intensity, sustained persistence.

  • Pollens: chestnut, linden, Virginia creeper, garlic, American honey locust, privet, rosaceae, maple, sophora, chestnut, holly.

  • No pollution detected in the analyzes smiley

2021, a bad beekeeping year everywhere else


So, one more year, the production of honey has proved to be phenomenal at POP! This is quite astonishing when you consider that the 2021 season will have turned out to be catastrophic for beekeepers. In fact, there has been a drop of nearly 40% in honey production since last year. Different phenomena are to blame for this calamitous harvest, and in particular a cold and little sunny season. Indeed, the weather conditions not only confined the bees to their hives, but also harmed honey plants. Enough to starve the colonies! Under these conditions, there is only one solution if you want to continue consuming blue, white or red honey: planting more and more flowers, as in the landscaped garden of POP smiley

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