Our business center is very proud to announce the arrival today of our new water fountain to enjoy healthy and pure water at will.

POP continues its modest contribution to a more respectful and responsible work environment by welcoming OVOPUR, a filter water fountain that is not only environmental friendly but also remarkable by its design, recognized by the fine art museum of Montreal (Musee des Beaux-arts) who gave the fountain a permanent position in their collection.

Never say : "fountain, I will not drink your water"

The OVOPUR fountain is an invention of Canadian designer Manuel Desrochers. It is made in Chambéry (French Alps) by the company 1Rdesign with noble materials such as Limoges porcelain.

« OVOPUR borrows the original shape of the egg and the thermal properties of porcelain to conserve and revitalize water. The purity of the curves and the absence of right angles allow the free circulation of water which thus regains its natural gyratory movement. The differences in temperature and the currents of use induce this biotic movement which prevents stagnation, reduces the risks of bacterial proliferation and promotes the revitalization of water. »

Equipped with a 100% recyclable glass filter cartridge made of natural materials (charcoal from coconut bark residues, copper and zinc alloy, quartz sand, clay microbeads), this water fountain allows you to enjoy purified and healthy water.

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Glass bottles for each customer


To support this little personal revolution, POP also ordered special 75 CL borosilicate glass bottles made with a stainless steel stopper. We offer a bottle to each customer upon arrival at our business center, to encourage good practice.


As an alternative to single-use bottles, these reusable glass bottles were designed by the brand EQUA (contraction of ECOlogique and aQUA), partner of National Geographic, which donates 10% of its net profits to organizations working for the environment.

At POP, we believe that every gesture counts

Some figures to better measure the impact of the consumption of plastic bottles: 

  • Plastic bottles generate more than 150,000 tonnes of waste per year worldwide
  • French people alone consume 25 million plastic bottles every day
  • In Europe, 42% of plastic bottles are not recycled
  • It takes between 100 and 1,000 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in nature
  • Plastic bottles are the 1st waste found on beaches, in rivers and oceans both in Europe and in the rest of the world
  • 2 liters of water and 33 CL of petrol are necessary to build only one plastic bottle of 50 CL

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